Eloik Automatic Fusion Splicer ALK-88A, High Quality Low Loss 0.02dB(SM), 7S Splicing 17S Heating 1.93KG. Small in size, Light in weight, 7 seconds fast splicing, 17 seconds ARC heating, 200 to 260 times splicing and heating, 100% automatic fiber detection and splicing start, Average splicing loss 0.02dB(SM) 0.01dB(MM) 0.04dB(DS) 0.04dB(NZDS), PAS fiber core alignment technology, CMOS image sensor imaging technology, Carrying bag also your work platform.

Eloik ALK-88A Fusion Splicer (portable) Fiber Optic Equipment is a Mini type Fusion splicing machine and has our own intellectual property right of fiber adjustment technology. It adopts advanced PAS Fiber adjustment technology. Adopt four motors drive, have fiber adjustment function, it is not only used for FTTX project, but also can be used for the trunk line, it is a machine which is the smallest volume ,the lightest weight ,the most fast splicing speed.


1. Hardness: The body is made from titanium alloy, and it has rubber protection function, quakeproof, waterproof, dustproof.
2. Fast: 7s fast splicing, 17s fast heating, support continuous heating, average efficiency improve 2-3times.
3. Long lifetime: 1group batteries. 200 fiber splicing, no memory effect Lithium Batteries, the fiber cleaver has 16 blade, long lifetime.
4. Convenience: convenient for maintenance
5. Languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish.


1. 5.6 inches High Resolution LCD Screen Display
2. Average splice time: 8 seconds
3. Average tube-heat time: 30 seconds
4. Lithium battery: up to 200 times of continuous splice and heat
5. Simultaneous X and Y views with 250 times magnification
6. New developed technology providing wind and dust resistance
7. USB Port
8. Multipurpose optical fiber fixture (Such as: Rubber-insulated wire, fiber optic patch cord, bare fiber)

FTTH welding machine, multifunctional fixture, suitable for all kinds of work you need Ultra-light weight, ultra-small size, easy to carry and field construction the machine 1.8kg, 0.3KG battery, the total weight of 2.1kg

6 seconds fast welding time, 25 seconds of heating time, improve work efficiency
The visible bidirectional graphics browsing interface, greatly convenient for users
Super large capacity lithium battery, prolong the time limit of the construction field
LCD display - thin, light and beautiful;
- unique transparent screen protection board, safe and reliable
The humanized 3D graphical interface, make the operation more convenient, intuitive menu interface
The work area to accelerate the graphics processing system, so that the screen display more smoothly
The intelligent discharge calibration system, automatic adjustment of arc discharge intensity increases with the temperature and humidity of air pressure
- the world's most sophisticated optical fiber recognition technology, accurate identification of various kinds of optical fibers


1. Typical Splicing Time: 8 Seconds~15 Seconds
2. Typical Heating Time: 30 Seconds~90 Seconds
3. Stable Performance Of Dual Observation, Tune Core Type Fusion Machine
4. Comply With ROHS And WEEE Standard
5. Shockproof, Dustproof, Rainproof
6. Display Magnification: 250 Times (Single Fiber Display)
7. Large Capacity Lithium Battery, You Can Charge It While Splicing, Splicing And Heating
8. Reach To 200 Times With Full Power Charged
9. Long Battery Life, Charging Times Of Up To 300-500 Cycles
10. Bright Low-Power LED Lights, To Ensure Normal Splicing At Low Light Conditions
11.5.6 Inches LCD Screen, Anti-Reflective Surface With A Transparent Protective Plastic
12. Interface Is Simple, With Humane, Intelligent Menu Design
13. USB Port For Easy Data Download And Software Updates
14. Recessed Wind Cover, Can Perform Splicing At 15M / S Strong Winds
15. Guarantee The Quality Of Splicing With 5000m Altitude
16. High-Accuracy V-Groove, High Precision, Good Abrasion Resistance.

Technical Specifications:

Applicable fiber Type

SM(Single mode), MM(Multi-mode), DS(Dispersion shift), NZDS(Non zero dispersion shift)

Applicable fiber Count


Applicable fiber diameter

Cladding diameter of 80~150um, coating diameter 100~1000um

Splice Mode

Stored 40 groups, 80 groups of user-defined

Average splice loss

0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS),0.04db(BIF/UBIF)

Return Loss

More than 60dB

Connecting time

9sec (typical time)/7S (Fast Mode)

Splice loss evaluation


Tensile test



4.3inch color LCD Dsiplay

Optical magnification

X/Y:180 times, X,or Y: 360 times

Power Supply

4200mAh Lithium battery, 13.5V/5A power adapter


Typically work 220 times(Fusion splicing / Heating /Hot stripping), Single battery charge 3Hour,can be recycled 500 times

Splice Results Storage

10000 groups of the latest records

Data interface


Operating environment

Altitude 0~5000m, 0~95% relative humidity. Temperature -10°C ~55°C, the maximum wind speed 15 m/s

Storage Conditions

0~95% relative humidity, temperature-40°C~80°C(except battery,) temperature -10°C~40°C(battery)


2kg(including battery)

High altitude operation

Cornering, machines can be directly hung on the operators neck normal operation


166D * 142W * 139H (mm)

Applicable fiber diameter

250um, 900um, 2~3mm

Applicable Sleeve Length


Heating Time

Cover and automatic heating, v-shaped 19S rapid thermal shrinkage (user-defined)

Heating Temperature


The heating process

60 group


Support Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish


Ultra-light weight ultra-small volume and convenient carrying and field construction seconds fast weld joint time second heating time 6 improve work efficiency 25 Visual bidirectional graph browsing interface significantly convenient user large capacity lithium battery extend the field construction of the use time limit thin display light and beautiful a unique transparent screen protecting plate LCD safe and reliable Human graphical interface to make the menu interface operation more simple intuitive Graphic accelerated processing system so that the screen display more fluency intelligent discharge calibration system 3D with temperature humidity pressure automatic regulating arc discharge intensity Using the world's most cutting edge technology to identify the fiber accurate identification of all kinds of fiber optic core to core alignment function in different brands of optical fiber connection can give full play to the effect the end user system upgrade and data storage operation more convenient complete environmental design in line with EU environmental standards a highly sealed wind design in a variety of harsh environments can still work welding technology USB core direct vision method the application of the optical fiber average loss and return loss welding time of typical weld connection RoHS cutting length diameter less than the fiber diameter greater than fibre.

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Eloik Fusion Splicer ALK-88A

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